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One of the best STEM jobs in the technology field is that of a computer systems analyst. Bringing in a handsome salary and growing slightly faster than average, these jobs require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in computer or information science, though some employers prefer a masters in computer science or an MBA in information systems. What do computer systems analysts do? These professionals analyze an organization's technology use and goals and recommend improvement strategies. Qualified applicants may find jobs as software quality assurance analysts or programmer analysts. Geoscientists are crucial to meeting the increasing need for alternative energy and environmental protection solutions, making this one of the best STEM jobs for the future.

Health Care Just Became the U.S.'s Largest Employer

To put it simply, geoscientists study the Earth's physical features, but if you plan to enter the field, you can expect to specialize in a particular area of geoscience. Types of geoscientists include geologists, geochemists, petroleum geologists, and seismologists, for example. Entry-level jobs in this growing field require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in geoscience, environmental science, or engineering, though a master's degree will make you more attractive to potential employers.

Good teachers are in constant demand to train the next generation of engineers, making the job of a postsecondary engineering teacher one of the best STEM jobs for the future. To gain entry into the field, you'll need at least a master's degree in engineering, though this credential will only enable you to teach at the community college level.

You must have a Ph.

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The payoff is big though; postsecondary engineering teachers make nearly six figures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you're interested in one of the best paying STEM jobs currently available, then the position of a computer network architect may be for you. Computer network architects are paid a six-figure salary on average to design and build computer networks, including local area networks LANs , wide area networks WANs , and Intranets.

Entry into the profession will require at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or information systems, though employers are increasingly hiring applicants with MBAs in information systems. It may come as a surprise to you that cartography made the cut for our ranking of best STEM jobs Though technology has certainly transformed the field, jobs for cartographers are on the rise, growing much faster than average. Cartographers do more than just create maps, though. They also examine both quantitative and qualitative data and create various visual representations for this data.

Entry into the field requires just a bachelor's degree, preferably in cartography, geography, or surveying. Psychologist might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best STEM jobs, but this occupation is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, in part due to the increased need for mental health services in public schools. A doctorate is normally required for entry into the field, though sometimes, a master's degree may be sufficient. One of the best STEM jobs in the medical field is that of a medical scientist.

These professionals research diseases and other medical conditions to find treatments and potential cures. Due to an aging population, jobs for medical scientists are growing at a faster than average pace. You will need a doctorate to secure a position, however. Keep in mind that most medical scientists specialize in a particular area of medicine, and your degree should reflect your desired area of specialization.

Are you good with money? If so, pursuing a career as a financial analyst may put more of it in your pocket. This lucrative field is also growing faster than average, and a bachelor's degree is sufficient for an entry-level position. Employers prefer that you study fields such as statistics, mathematics, economics, accounting, or of course, finance. Many of the best STEM jobs are in engineering, and the job of a civil engineer is no exception.

Civil engineers are responsible for designing and executing projects involving public and private infrastructure, including roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, etc. Positions for civil engineers are growing faster than average due to a continually growing population and the increased demand for sustainable and green structures.

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Those who wish to enter this profession will need a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or civil engineering technology from an ABET-accredited college or university. One of the best paying STEM jobs in our ranking, the occupation of a mechanical engineer involves designing, building, and testing mechanical devices, including thermal sensors, air-conditioning systems, electric generators, internal combustion engines, and the like.

The courses were very broad, and I am now fluent in more industries, not just skiing and sport.

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This is of particular relevance to those seeking to break into the US industry, where job fairs and networking events could also help students to get a foot in the door. For example, the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference taking place in from February 28 to March 1 , which is intended as a forum for industry professionals and open to all, offers attendees the chance to discuss career opportunities with major employers.

The Michigan Sports Business Conference , launched in by undergraduates at the University of Michigan Business School, focuses on giving students an insight into the breadth of opportunities in the sports industry. The opportunities are certainly out there and, as long as the business of sport continues to expand, so too will the range and depth of roles on offer.

With this growth, the need for high-level management skills throughout the industry will only increase. European University image source. Tim is a writer with a background in consumer journalism and charity communications. Skip to main content. Median Salaries for Different Marketing Jobs.

More millennials now prefer flexible working arrangements, either via remote job arrangements or freelancing.

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Marketing is perfect for job seekers that prefer this career path. Job seekers with a finance background have mathematical and analytical skills that help them analyze complex spreadsheets of information and financial statements. Previously, their job options were limited to banks, investment firms, and big corporations with lots of assets to manage.

Now, they can also work in almost any industry that requires analytical skills and spreadsheet savvy. Those with management experience and a higher degree can earn even more based on the median salary reported by BLS. Finance jobs you may have not considered:. Enrollment in Liberal Arts degrees started dwindling during the last recession, with more students flocking towards STEM degrees because of the higher starting salary for fresh graduates. Unfortunately, not all of us have the option or time to take another course.

Fortunately, a new study from Burning Glass Technologies shows that those who can qualify for non-specialized jobs because of extra skills they have or their majors have the opportunity to find employment in up to 1. What skills can Liberal Arts graduates develop?