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Moreover, it unsettles my Americanism that tender plant to go too often abroad, and that must be weighed against the intellectual and social advantages of the Congress. I am just beginning to feel American again, when this temptation comes! The street floor composed of cave like shops, the people doing their work on chairs in the street for the sake of light and in the black inside, beds and a stove visible among the implements of trade. Such light and shade, and grease and grime, and swarm, and apparent amiability would be hard to match.

I have come here too late in life, when the picturesque has lost its serious reality.

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Time was when hunger for it haunted me like a passion, and such sights would have then been the solidest of mental food. In fact, the relationship and correspondence between them extended over a quarter of a century Perry chaps. He had a lot of friends in Europe, who opened the doors to his relationships and enhanced his fame.

Papini and the Pragmatist Movement in Italy. American students have so long had the habit of turning to Germany for their philosophic inspiration, that they are only beginning to recognize the splendid psychological and philosophical activity with which France today is animated; and as for poor little Italy, few of them think it necessary even to learn to read her language.

Meanwhile Italy is engaged in the throes of an intellectual rinascimento quite as vigorous as her political one. James What also can now be said is that this misappropriation of James by fascism had the result of causing in Italy an almost complete neglect of Italian pragmatism until very recently Dal Pra ; Santucci James M. Bergson figures in the program as a keynote speaker, but he was not able to attend due to an untimely illness in Switzerland and was replaced by the president of the conference, the neo-Kantian Wilhelm Windelband.

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According to the reports of the conference, the traditional dominance of Kantism and neo-Kantism of Germany and France in this country due mainly to the influence of Renouvier had been challenged by the fresh air of pragmatism coming with juvenile strength from America and England Ugarte de Ercilla ; Alexandre ; Fullerton The core of the debate was the conflict between the relativistic stance of pragmatism and the metaphysics of idealism, between truths related to real human life and eternal truths.

One of the main voices was F. In his report of the conference H. The pragmatic movement, so-called — I do not like the name, but apparently it is too late to change it — seems to have rather suddenly precipitated itself out of the air. A number of tendencies that have always existed in philosophy have all at once become conscious of themselves collectively, and of their combined mission; and this has occurred in so many countries, and from so many different points of view, that much unconcerted statement has resulted.

I have sought to unify the picture as it presents itself to my own eyes, dealing in broad strokes, and avoiding minute controversy. Much futile controversy might have been avoided, I believe, if our critics had been willing to wait until we got our message fairly out. In this sense, it is not unwarranted to say that pragmatism was received in Germany with hostility by the academic establishment, which leaned more to- wards Kantism and Hegelianism.

Science wants a theoretic or static, a timeless truth […]. As we now know, the first World War changed the entire intellectual European stage, and both pragmatism and idealism soon became part of the past. The strength of Husserl Herzog and the attraction of Heidegger, in spite of their intellectual connections with pragmatism, eclipsed the figure of William James totally. All the letters between William James and his German correspondents are nowadays a real treasure of intellectual delight, but it seems to me that there is no real German philosopher amongst his more active correspondents.

American pragmatism and German philosophy were in opposite camps with a very difficult middle ground. Schultenover Henri Bergson was a towering figure in the French philosophical scene.

Introduction to Philosophy: William James and Pragmatism

When, under such conditions, two doctrines tend to coincide, there is a good chance that both of them are in the vicinity of the truth. Perry II, The first translation of James into Spanish appeared as early as Three years later, the first translation of The Varieties of Religious Experience into Spanish was completed by Miguel Domenge Mir under the title Fases del sentimientoreligioso.

Estudiosobre la naturalezahumana. The translator was Santos Rubiano , an army doctor who was a pioneer in the application of the methods and concepts of modern psychology in the Spanish army. In that year Rubiano translated Psychology. Briefer Course, which had a second edition in After the opening page there is a photographic reproduction of a hand-written text from William James dated on the 22nd of March of The text is the following:.

Believe me, dear Doctor, with sincere and grateful regards, yours very truly. Wm James Dr. Santos Rubiano. Besides these two works, Rubiano translated Pragmatism into Spanishin , and in The Meaning of Truth as well as a new translation of Talks to Teachers. Moreover, as Graham noted Graham , there is an autobiographical text of Ortega in which he seems to assert that pragmatism, which began outside the boundaries of the European stage, did not reach its full maturity until it was integrated in the framework of German philosophy, that is, in the mainstream of his own philosophical position Ortega The recent rediscovery of James and other figures of Classic American Pragmatism might be a key factor for overcoming the naturalism of reductionistic stripe which dominates most of the contemporary philosophical scene.

Turner, editors, Oxford, The Bardwell Press, [ jackbarbalet. Available at [ unav. Sobre algunos ideales de la vida para estudiantes , Madrid, Daniel Jorro. James, Boston, Little Brown. Tuzet , , I pragmatisti italiani tra alleati e nemici , Milano, Albo Versorio. It portrays that philosophy as containing a deep division between a Promethean type of pragmatism and a passive mysticism.

The pragmatist James conceives of truth and meaning as a means to control nature and make it do our bidding. The mystic James eschews the use of concepts in order to penetrate to the inner conscious core of all being, including nature at large. Richard Gale attempts to harmonize these pragmatic and mystical perspectives. This introduction is drawn from and complements the author's much more comprehensive and systematic study The Divided Self of William James, a volume that has received the highest critical praise. With its briefer compass and non-technical style this new introduction should help to disseminate the key elements of one of the great modern philosophies to an even wider readership.

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