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Interpreting Sexual Fantasies (interview with Shannon Ethridge)

Hey there! Published by Thomas Nelson. Results of A true gem in the world today! A much needed book!! Previous 1 2 3 Next. User ratings 5 stars. Read full review A true gem in the world today! Read full review there has never been a book written like this! Read full review A much needed book!!

With accomplishment comes increased responsibility and, therefor, ever-changing duties. It simply goes against the fact of the matter. If you think something 'magical' is going to arise from no progress, then good luck saving lives. Keep your head in the books, you should lay low on the whole 'free thought' thing I'm 16 and you're giving me a migraine. I realise you're both deliberately being somewhat silly and tit for tat ish but you make some valid points.

By repeating the exact same thing with zero deviation in any factor over and over again we do produce a result It is not insane to completely rule something out by repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

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Most of modern theoritical, quantum and classic physics would have been abandoned some time ago if we could not prove the negative of the expected result. I'm not saying your points are wrong, far from it, I think you are correct I just believe there is an unconsidered dimension in your reasoning.

I do however hate this quote and thank the author for if nothing else bringing the spotlight of debate to its existence and reasoning. In actuality what I really hate its apparent unquestioning and universal acceptance at all levels of society. Journalists claiming it a 'fact' to prove a point or underline their story without question for example.

The real quote should replace the word 'insanity' with the word 'stupidity' Someone who actually questions and thinks, among a sea of sheeple floating wherever the wind of memes take them! Thank you for your fuller explanation, examples of types of repetition and finally exposing this quote for what it really is!!!

It's not a "simple concept". It's a complete distortion of what is true. What's happened is that a famous person Einstein made a statement and people have been quoting it for generations, without realizing that what they are saying simply ISN'T true. They are absolutely NOT the same thing. I mean, really? It's just a quote. I don't think that the person who said it was trying to bash perseverance, nor do I believe they were trying to indicate the true definition of the word "insane. No, it isn't. But did she make a point? Whoever said that the definition of insanity was to repeat the same action over and over, each time expecting a different result was probably just making a point.

Not trying to be accurate in their definition. If it makes anyone feel better, I'm sure insanity, in it's "true" definition doesn't exist in the real world anyway. Just in the pseudoscience we call "psychology. The metaphor tells us; common sense dictates we try a new approach if our current approach is not working. In the business world, a company that does not innovate doing the same thing over and over will not survive in a competitive environment. Thus the leadership of that company must lack common sense insanity.

FYI Questions on Sex and Christianity-Julie Gorman and Shannon Ethridge

So, you aren't using common sense. Are you insane? Probably not, but you certainly aren't thinking clearly. It is not that the definition of insanity is, rather it is insane to do the same thing over and over expecting something different to happen. This is all true from a rational mathematical perspective. You just cannot throw an apple up in the air times expecting that it will somehow just stay up in the air, and if you do that in public you will be declared insane for sure.

On the other hand I try to speak very gently to my 3 year old daughter over and over again regardless of her sane or insane state of mind expecting that one day she would understand that being mad at things would never resolve issues, but again, this is education and that is not changing anything in her behavior, at least for now, she is 3 year old and I expect her to be nothing less or more than what she is. I think this article hits the nail on the head. I've been thinking about this for a long time and am so tired of hearing this quote.

First of all, I would love to know the original source of it, and agree its probably not Einstein or Franklin, but we'll probably never know as it is now so ingrained in urban legend it will never be properly attributed. Second, it is disingenuous at best and downright ignorant and insensitive to people with real mental health challenges to throw a statement around like this, and Third, its not accurate, either. It doesn't hold up over time.

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My work is in helping business leaders improve the results they achieve in their business by creating a more motivated, positive work environment. And, I've seen too many business leaders continue to do the same thing over and over again in marketing their businesses and in motivating their people EXPECTING to get similar results and they are failing miserably because times change, people change and if you don't change with the times and you are not open and aware of changes in people including yourself and continue to do the same thing expecting the same results, you will fail.

Think in terms of marketing and advertising a business the same way in as someone did in , ain't gonna get similar results, likewise, if you try to motivate someone who is 50 years old the same way you did when you hired them 20 years ago, chances are you will not be successful and create a negative, unmotivated employee. It is a paradox that can not be easily thrown around without more assessment. Every situation is different and must be evaluate for its validity and application.

Alcoholics use this quote to explain why the keep drinking despite the obvious and clear reasons not to jail, health, family problems, money problems, etc. That would fall into the latter definition "or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior". I know it will happen. I think these comments on the word insane by a psychologist are unhelpful. The Legal definition is a legal term of Insanity. That doesn't mean other definitions of the word used out of court are inaccurate. If people use it to describe jogging it's misunderstood. Now if I eat a cake because I feel rubbish and that leads me to feel better for 5 minutes and worse for the rest of the time and I keep doing it daily, year after year, expecting each time that it might comfort me when all evidence shows it's ruining my life..

I may lose ,y health which will lead me maybe to lose my job etc.. This is a disturbing disconnection from reality or logic and it kills people. Using this definition helps people to recover, there is no point being so literal and critical. I was looking for the real definition of insanity. Thanks to the good Dr. As for the quote "The definition of insanity is When I got clean 23 years ago I was told "The definition of insanity is". I found it applicable in the realm of human behavior in addiction.

I think it can be extended to human behaviors when people do things harmful to themselves despite all evidence that they should stop doing it. If you repeat the exact same behavior you will not be following the scientific method, which is to try different things and see what happens. An oversimplification but I think still accurate. I think Laila stated it well for psychology and Khazeem Asadullah for the hard science side.

The definition of insanity is getting a PhD in Psychology and writing this kind of psycho-babble and getting hits on your 'articles' by analyzing a popular quote Sorry, my bad. Really dude? BTW, you had me for about 2 sentences until I realized this wasn't the quote source I would looking for. This article is straight up pointless. It could be one sentence: "This quote does not intend to literally 'define' the word insane. The author horribly misappropriates the original intent of the quote, which was not to "define" insanity, but to encourage innovative and creative problem solving instead of banging one's head against the wall.

Take the jogging example that the author uses, "I jogged for a week and actually gained weight. They say the definition of insanity is Instead of just jogging and seeing no or negative results, maybe that person should clean up their diet and add in a more vigorous workout regiment. THAT'S the original intent of the quote. Trying to dig any further into it is stupid.

Einstein's other famous quote doubting Quantum Physics was "God does not play dice with the universe". Same input, different outcome.

Shannon Ethridge: The Fantasy Fallacy

And no transistors, smart phones etc without Quantum Physics btw. I don't know that he originated it, but it is one of Dr. Phil's favorite lines, not literally defining insanity, but quick way to demonstrate that repeating an action continuously in the same manner, expecting that one will achieve a specific different result is delusional, and not in sync with reality. Another person may ask "How long have you been telling him? When the first person says: "For as long as we've been married, 23 years! Phil, "so how's that workin' out for you?

It is NOT a clinical diagnosis, just a folk way of saying that if you stare at the sun every day, and believe it will turn to ice if you do it long enough, you've got a BIG problem with reality. Not that the action, or the person is insane, but that the delusional notion that repeating the same action, and expecting that someday, if it is done often enough, or with enough vigor, results will differ, is a waste of time, and seldom leads to emotional growth, or a satisfying outcome.

Our local sheriffs department is charging people around here with "insane and disorderly". Is this a possible charge? How can the Sheriffs deputies charge someone with being "insane" without at least a cursory objective conclusion of a trained psychological professional? I see all of you guys arguing about something so unbelievably stupid, so i have to do this. And to think, I can never get the five minutes I wasted reading this fluff back. We should be allowed to charge people like this writer who waste our time.

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The legal profession and the medical profession often have conflicting definitions. Sometimes, they conflict with each other, and sometimes, they conflict with the generally accepted lay definition. As long as they use that word correctly in their profession, they are doing fine. Walk down the street and ask any ten people for the definition of "insanity," and you will get ten similar definitions that you swear are incorrect.

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A billion English speaking people are not going to alter their definition of "insanity" just to please you. They use that word as they correctly understand it. They aren't using it to please the legal community, the medical community, or you.

Review Shannon Ethridge - The Fantasy Fallacy

Webster doesn't believe those people are wrong. It lists several definitions. One of them is "extreme folly or unreasonableness. Finally, since you justify your article by turning to the legal and medical community for the correct definition, let me point out that Canada, Australia, England, etc. Back Psychology Today.

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And now I have just seen that your comment was three years ago!! How are you now!!?? Perserverance versus Perserveration Submitted by bulmabriefs on July 27, - am. John Sherman MBA wrote:. The definition of insanity Submitted by Christine Jones on May 28, - pm. I mean Submitted by WorldWary on March 9, - pm. Seriously, tell me you're kidding. Submitted by anttheman on March 4, - am. I agree with you! Submitted by Joshua Gerstel on January 30, - am. Submitted by Steven Mann on May 1, - am.

Blog Post Submitted by Dr. Jennifer Howard on August 14, - am. Submitted by Anonymous on February 9, - am. I know this is late but you Submitted by Khazeem Asadullah on August 15, - pm. Is this 'AssumptiveToday. Submitted by JD Mumma on August 16, - am. You said Submitted by Anonymous2 on April 19, - pm. What's that you say Ad Hominem fallacy?

Submitted by JD Mumma on April 19, - pm. Anonymous2 wrote:. No, you're an idiot because Submitted by Anonymous2 on April 20, - am. You can't, or refuse to, realize this simple concept. Either way, this makes you an idiot. I'm a part-to-whole fallacy of division label because Submitted by JD Mumma on April 20, - pm. Submitted by totallynotthesameguy on October 19, - am. So, dude.