Guide Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation & Growth

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A concentration in the solar return succedent houses suggests talents acquired i. These are opportunities to gain strength for the future. Lynn Bell, of course, suggests that angularity suggests action. Now when looking at the planets in the solar return, it is important to measure where they are geographically.

In other words, say Saturn is at the tail end of the 7 th house. There are several conclusions here:. As far as position of a planet in a solar return house, you need to check if it is close to the cusp, in the middle of the house, or, later in the house how to calculate precisely when these progress backwards to the solar return cusps is discussed earlier in this lesson. When exploring this with a client, it is important to clarify the differences and to help them focus on preparation regarding the placements of these.

The Moon in the solar return will be discussed later, but what about the other planets? The placement of Mercury in the solar return indicates the area in which the mind is engaged for this coming year. This is important to know, as retrograde implication does shift the meaning of the Mercury during the course of the year. Where Venus is placed is where a lot of value will be placed during the year.

It is where you will get attention or strive to gain attention and be assertive regarding what you want in that area. It is also important to include in the delineation the houses that hold Libra and Taurus, since Venus rules both signs. If Venus is far from the Sun, it is important to check the ephemeris to see if Venus went or is about to go retrograde in the solar return year.

Mars tends to be the area where you react, where you are motivated, where you are on task, and where you push forward, leaving no stone unturned. If Mars is angular, you may expend more energy in this area of your solar return chart. If Mars is almost at an opposition to the Sun, then it is about to go retrograde and this is important, because this could slow down the actions of Mars until it goes direct during the year and catches up to where it left off known as the shadow point. Always refer to the solar return house that Mars rules as well — either Aries or Scorpio, if using classical rulers.

Jupiter is where you experience opportunities.

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Include the houses that hold Sagittarius and Pisces in your delineation and remember that Jupiter is where you may also overindulge. Are there any aspects to Jupiter that contains this overindulgent tendency, such as a hard Saturn aspect, or, not? For any of these planets it is important to qualify the aspects to it. Uranus is where you break away, let go, wake-up and change. There tends to be a restless anxiety in the area in which we find Uranus, particularly if it is aspecting one of the more personal planets in either the natal chart or solar return chart or both.

Out of the blue opportunities can present themselves in the area in which we find Uranus and our responses in that area of the solar return chart can be extreme in nature. There can be dissolution OR creative inspiration as one moves towards a more spiritual perspective in that area of the solar return chart. Pluto is a very slow moving planet and its placement in the solar return chart indicates an area where one finds himself drawing boundaries and pushing for more personal choice that empowers them during the course of the year.

It may be found in a different house in the following year, of course, but the aspect may be a longer term aspect, because of its very slow movement. The two houses where Pluto is placed in subsequent years should be observed. Its appearance in the solar return directly relates to your ability to transform your life in that area if you are willing to face the issues that keeps you from making those changes.

Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth

When it aspects other planets in the solar return this too is important, particularly if there are challenging aspects such as squares and oppositions, particularly with such transits as the transiting solar return Sun opposing Mars or Pluto, or, squaring them…. Ask in what houses are these oppositions or squares occurring and you get even more information.

A fascinating study is to see which day use an ephemeris to find this out , the Sun conjuncts each cusp of the solar return chart as well as each solar return planet. When the solar return Sun hits Venus, this could be a wonderfully social day, but the day it hits Saturn, or, Pluto, might be a day with Saturnian or Plutonian overtones. On the day the transiting solar return Sun conjuncts the solar return Moon again look this up in the ephemeris it is similar to a New Moon, and, begins a new direction in the life for that specific year.

The house in which this occurs is where that new beginning starts. You might want to make up a form or sheet that lists these events. So…What about that Moon in the Solar Return? The Moon moves an approximate trine aspect each successive year for each solar return. This usually keeps it in the same element. For example, if in one year the solar return Moon is in Pisces, the next year it will probably be in Cancer, or, starting in early fire, Leo.

This means that every fourth year or so it changes elements. When placing the solar return Moon into the solar return chart, note the house that holds Cancer on the cusp. These two work together. In addition, place the natal moon into the solar return chart as well. The solar return Moon returns to its natal position about every 19 years, which is very similar to the nodal return cycle.

This suggests that at 19 years of age, 38, 57, 76, and 95 the Moon returns to its own natal position. This means that in this year, the Moon may be more impacting bringing great change.

The arena in which we find the solar return Moon becomes a reflection point and a lens for the Sun. This occurs when the transiting nodes are in either Aries or Libra, or, possibly, Pisces or Virgo. The years in which the Moon is out of bounds are interesting years in that events take on an other-worldly, or, unusual events. On a larger mundane scale for the year, we see the Moon running regularly out of bounds and these are historically years when major political events or discoveries occur. Integrating the Natal and Solar Return Chart. When you think about it, the solar return is the transiting chart to the natal chart.

Many schools of thought suggest placing the Solar Return planets outside of the natal wheel, but then you lose the cusps of the solar return, which are important. A better way to do this is to immediately identify the line-up of the natal cusps with the solar return cusps by placing the solar return chart inside the bi-wheel and the natal planets and ASC and MC on the outside of the bi-wheel.

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  • As mentioned earlier, but worth mentioning again, the solar return cusp not just the Ascendant , but any solar return cusp that lines up within a few degrees of a natal chart is significant. This suggests that that solar return house and that natal house have an affinity with each other.

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    Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation & Growth

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