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Luke, M. Lamont, Y. Okawachi, M. Lipson, A. Gaeta, U. May Locher, L. Castiglioni, M. Greif, L. Gallmann, J. Hengsberger, U.

[] Community detection in graphs

Sabbar, R. Gallmann, I. Ivanov, A. Kheifets, M. Argenti, F. March Kasmi, L. Link, A. Klenner, M. Zaugg, M. Golling, B. Herrmann, M. Lucchini, S. Chen, M. Wu, A. Kasmi, K. Schafer, L. Gallmann, M.

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Gaarde, U. Saraceno, F. Emaury, C. Schriber, A. Diebold, M. Hoffmann, M.

Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology

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Asad Khan E.

Aad B. Ivanov G. Wen-Hao Zhou Jun Xu. Fajfer N. Most Cited Articles The most cited articles published since , extracted from Scopus. Yann Mambrini Giorgio Arcadi Policies and Guidelines. No open access fees. Featured Articles. Scientists limit the scale of possible dimensions, which may make them easier to detect. Where research is heading after the Nobel Prize. Daniel George and Eliu Huerta have pioneered the use of deep learning with convolutional.

Current systems for the Analytic expressions for the radial diffusion coefficients are presented The coefficients do not dependent on energy or wave m value The electric field diffusion coefficient dominates over the magnetic. High correlation between proton fluxes and riometer absorption Correlation is poor in the early phase of SEP events PCA intensity in the polar cap can be used as a proxy for SEP intensity. First meridional map of thermal electrons at Saturn Electrons follow Rhea field line, with higher night fluxes than day PADs as expected from conservation of first adiabatic invariant.

Cold ion occurrence and properties are studied near the equatorial magnetosphere Protons: the most abundant cold ion species on dayside and cooler everywhere Helium and oxygen ions can exceed proton density and temperature on nightside. Midtail plasmoids occur preferentially on the duskside of the magnetotail The typical midtail plasmoid azimuthal size is about 5 to 10 R E Plasmoid azimuthal sizes are related to geomagnetic activity level.

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Radiation belt pitch angle scattering within the drainage plume is strong The amount of scattering agrees with diffusion coefficients in the literature The pitch angle scattering leads to radial transport of the radiation belt. We preserve the historic Siple VLF transmitter data set Reception statistics from a 9 month period in favor quiet conditions We analyze the nonlinear growth and growth rate characteristics and trends.

Tens of EMIC emissions were observed by THEMIS outside the plasmasphere Most emissions consist of coherent rising tones from the equatorial region The characteristics are in agreement with the nonlinear wave growth theory. Quantitative investigation of the IMF on the twisting of the magnetotail The current sheet has similar twisting behavior to IMF conditions The twisting angle from simulations agrees with observations.

The centrifugal force accelerates particles during outward flux tube expansion Nonadiabatic flux tube expansion occurs at Jupiter between noon and dusk LT These effects can explain why Jupiter's plasma sheet thickens from 12 to 18 LT. Survey of Cassini magnetometer data from 20 crossings of Titan's magnetotail Titan's tail structure strongly affected by ambient magnetospheric variability Delta wing structure perpendicular to initial velocity and magnetic field plane. Energetic electron distribution during heating experiment deduced from airglow Inferred electron energy spectrum sufficient to induce ionization Results depend on inhomogeneity of airglow, which is filamentary.

The Andes Mountains favor the ionospheric wave activity at the eastern side This feature agrees with some dynamical aspects of the lower atmosphere. New emissions with line structures detected close to the ionospheric trough Most probably they are due to EMIC waves coming from the equatorial region They are common and observed during substorms.

The comparison between the global ionospheric TECs during the last two solar minima was performed The daily mean TECs show negligible differences between the two solar minima The global TEC maps show large differences with systematic variations.

Chemical Physics Letters

Thermospheric gravity wave maps for different seasons Similarity between thermospheric and stratospheric gravity wave distributions Observational constraints on gravity wave dynamics. Optical intensity of polar cap patch under disturbed conditions is examined Polar patch nm airglow enhances under disturbed conditions Altitude and thickness of emission layer increase under disturbed conditions.

IFI can produce a variety range of aurora IFI can explain small structures of aurora The simulation reproduces observations.

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How much do secular changes contribute to the changes between quiet Sun periods? Routine detection of meteor head echoes using a meteor radar A new technique to perform continuous and detail measurements of meteoroids Link directly atmospheric processes with particle orbital characteristics.

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Simultaneous view of ionospheric storm effects from multiple satellites Greater and overwider LTs seen in the TEC enhancements during the 2nd storm Good correspondence of LT differences in plasma response with vertical drifts. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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