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Natural background radiation

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It indicates, "Click to perform a search". The Sievert is quite a large unit for measuring radiation - a dose of 1 Sv in a short time will cause acute radiation sickness. Radiation is often measured as a dose over a specific period of time, known as the dose rate. The actual exposure received depends on both the dose rate and the exposure time.

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Radiographers, workers in the nuclear industry, and radiation workers in general wear a personal dosimeter to record their radiation doses. These dose rates are selected to be well below harmful levels and can be considered safe limits for radiation dose. This is a dose that may result from the use of ionising radiation but does not include background radiation doses, or dosages you may receive from medical procedures. Home Education Nuclear facts Radiation.

Nuclear science Radiation Radioisotopes Synchrotron light Managing waste Radiation Radiation can be described as energy or particles from a source that travel through space or other mediums.

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Absorbed dose is measured in an international unit called the Gray Gy , where 1 Gy corresponds to one joule of energy per kilogram. Equivalent dose , which relates the absorbed dose in human tissue to the effective biological damage the radiation causes. Equivalent dose takes into account the fact that different forms of radiation have different biological effects, even when the amount of absorbed dose is the same — some forms of radiation are more damaging than others. Equivalent dose is obtained by multiplying absorbed dose by a radiation weighting factor that corresponds to the type of radiation absorbed.

It is measured in a unit called the Sievert Sv. Effective dose is obtained by multiplying equivalent dose by a tissue weighting factor that corresponds to the type of tissue exposed to radiation.

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If more than one organ is exposed to radiation, then all effective doses to all exposed organs are added together to obtain an overall effective dose. Natural background radiation is the ionising radiation in the environment that all living species are exposed to every day. The largest source of radiation exposure comes from external exposure to natural radioactivity in rocks and soil terrestrial radiation and inhalation of radon gas that seeps from the ground into all buildings.

There are also significant contributions from cosmic radiation and naturally occurring radioactivity in food and in the body. The amount of background radiation present depends on many factors, such as the type of soil and rock present, altitude, latitude and diet. The range of radiation exposure is highly variable, however on average Australians are exposed to 1.

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This is about the same amount of radiation received from 75 chest X-rays. Medical diagnostic tests and treatments are the largest source of artificial or man-made radiation exposure in Australia. Figure 1 compares the average annual exposure to some of the different types of radiation in Australia.

The damaging effects of ionising radiation come from the energy deposited in tissue by the radiation. Although different types of ionising radiation have different patterns of energy release and penetrating power, there is no general property that makes artificial ionising radiation different or more damaging than the ionising radiation that comes from natural radioactive material. This means that we can make direct comparisons between exposures from artificial sources of ionising radiation and those from natural sources.