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Implications in Morava \(K\)-Theory

Click here for edited collections for which I was one of the editors. Click here for miscellaneous papers. For my CV and educational activities. My personal Home page, where most things are. Education S. Peterson Point and shoot eclipse photos at the Homotopy Theory in the Ecliptic conference 60th birthday conference stuff. Slides for my talk and photos of the conference and banquet. The whole collection runs about 1.

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  3. Implications in Morava $K$-Theory.
  4. Implications in Morava $K$-Theory.

Better, we now have Nori Minami's videos of Mike Hopkins giving the lecture on Jack Morava's work at his 60th birthday conference. This is pretty much a whole linear algebra course worth of lectures now. Homology cylinders and the acyclic closure of a free group. Lagrangian mapping class groups from group homological point of view. The Magnus representation and higher-order Alexander invariants for homology cobordisms of surfaces.

Abstracts of plenary talks

A May-type spectral sequence for higher topological Hochschild homology. Moduli of formal A-modules under change of A. Non-commutative formality implies commutative and Lie formality. Cup products, the Johnson homomorphism, and surface bundles over surfaces with multiple fiberings.

Cha : Margolis homology and Morava $K$-theory for cohomology of the dihedral group

An annular refinement of the transverse element in Khovanov homology. The topological cyclic Deligne conjecture. Weighted sheaves and homology of Artin groups. Restriction to finite index subgroups as etale extensions in topology, KK-theory and geometry. The compression theorem III: applications. Steenrod squares on intersection cohomology and a conjecture of M.

Goresky and W.

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Presentation for the baseleaf preserving mapping class group of the punctured solenoid. On the integral cohomology ring of toric orbifolds and singular toric varieties. Moving basepoints and the induced automorphisms of link Floer homology. On sutured Floer homology and the equivalence of Seifert surfaces. Spectral sequences in smooth generalized cohomology. Topologically slice knots that are not smoothly slice in any definite 4-manifold. A class function on the mapping class group of an orientable surface and the Meyer cocycle.

The length of a 3-cocycle of the 5-dihedral quandle. New series in the Johnson cokernels of the mapping class groups of surfaces. On the derivation algebra of the free Lie algebra and trace maps. Index theory of the de Rham complex on manifolds with periodic ends. Link homology and equivariant gauge theory.

Table of Contents

Characterization of line arrangement for which the fundamental group of the complement is a direct product of free groups. Multiple genus 2 Heegaard splittings: a missed case. A note on the infty,n -category of cobordisms. Topological complexity of n points on a tree. Landweber exact formal group laws and smooth cohomology theories. Real versus complex K—theory using Kasparov's bivariant KK—theory. Sheaf theory for stacks in manifolds and twisted cohomology for S 1 -gerbes. A lower bound on tunnel number degeneration.

Sweepouts of amalgamated 3—manifolds. Uniform hyperbolicity of the curve graph via surgery sequences. Symplectic embeddings of four-dimensional ellipsoids into integral polydiscs. The homotopy of infinite symmetric product represents stable homotopy. On submanifolds in locally symmetric spaces of noncompact type.

Algebraic linking numbers of knots in 3—manifolds. Higher order intersection numbers of 2-spheres in 4-manifolds. Stable concordance of knots in 3-manifolds. Dimensionally reduced sutured Floer homology as a string homology. Action dimension of lattices in euclidean buildings.

The l 2 -homology of even Coxeter groups. Kakimizu complex of Seifert fibered spaces. Isovariant mappings of degree 1 and the Gap Hypothesis. K n Chern approximations of some fnite groups. A Khovanov stable homotopy type for colored links. Controlled connectivity of closed 1—forms. Homology of moduli spaces of linkages in high-dimensional Euclidean space. Intersection homology of linkage spaces in odd dimensional Euclidean space.

Novikov homology of HNN-extensions and right-angled Artin groups. Equivalences of monoidal model categories.

Existence of foliations on 4—manifolds. Hopf algebras up to homotopy and the Bockstein spectral sequence. Growth series for vertex-regular CAT 0 cube complexes. Generalized orbifold Euler characteristics for general orbifolds and wreath products. Genus two 3—manifolds are built from handle number one pieces. Thin position for a connected sum of small knots. A generalisation of the deformation variety. The decomposition of the loop space of the mod 2 Moore space.

Higher cohomology operations and R-completion. Top terms of polynomial traces in Kra's plumbing construction. Dehn surgery, homology and hyperbolic volume. The diameter of the set of boundary slopes of a knot. Volume and homology of one-cusped hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Cellular approximations and the Eilenberg-Moore spectral sequence. Complete intersections and mod p cochains. Epimorphisms and boundary slopes of 2-bridge knots. An invariant of rational homology 3-spheres via vector fields.

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  • Finite surgeries on three-tangle pretzel knots. Rational tangle surgery and Xer recombination on catenanes. Products of Greek letter elements dug up from the third Morava stabilizer algebra. Algebraic degrees of stretch factors in mapping class groups. A curious example of triangulated-equivalent model categories which are not Quillen equivalent. An algebraic model for commutative HZ-algebras.

    Fixed point adjunctions for equivariant module spectra. Generalized Gauss maps and integrals for three-component links: toward higher helicities for magnetic fields and fluid flows, part II. A universal bound for surfaces in 3-manifolds with a given Heegaard genus. Species substitution, graph suspension, and graded Hopf algebras of painted tree polytopes.

    The multiplicativity of fixed point invariants. Categorification of the Kauffman bracket skein module of I—bundles over surfaces. Skein theory for SU n —quantum invariants. Euclidean Mahler measure and twisted links. Invariants of links in thickened surfaces. On reciprocality of twisted Alexander invariants. Twisted Alexander polynomials detect the unknot. Rings of symmetric functions as modules over the Steenrod algebra. Embedding calculus knot invariants are of finite type.

    Embedding relatively hyperbolic groups in products of trees. Thickness, relative hyperbolicity, and randomness in Coxeter groups. Virtual amalgamation of relatively quasiconvex subgroups. A geometrically bounding hyperbolic link complement. A proof of the Kauffman-Harary conjecture. Smith equivalence and finite Oliver groups with Laitinen number 0 or 1. On some adjunctions in equivariant stable homotopy theory.

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    All integral slopes can be Seifert fibered slopes for hyperbolic knots. Invariants and structures of the homology cobordism group of homology cylinders. Formality of Sinha's cosimplicial model for long knots spaces and Poisson algebras. The rational homology of spaces of long links.

    A categorification of the Alexander polynomial in embedded contact homology. The double n-space property for contractible n-manifolds. Stable and unstable operations in mod p cohomology theories. Highly transitive actions of free products.

    Thompson's group F and uniformly finite homology. Brunnian links are determined by their complements. A remarkable DG-module model for configuration spaces. A relative Lubin--Tate theorem via higher formal geometry. Transchromatic generalized character maps.