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Cell and Developmental Biology

Atom RSS Feed Developmental biology Definition Developmental biology is the field of biology that studies the processes by which multicellular organisms grow and develop, controlled by their genes. News and Views 16 September A zebrafish genetic model enables an invaluable discovery: a lifesaving treatment for a lymphatic anomaly Katarzyna Koltowska Lab Animal 48 , Show more.

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Taylor , Renee D. Research 20 September Open Access Neutrophils homing into the retina trigger pathology in early age-related macular degeneration Ghosh et al.

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Communications Biology 2 , Research 20 September Open Access Tet inactivation disrupts YY1 binding and long-range chromatin interactions during embryonic heart development Tet-mediated DNA demethylation is intimately involved in reguatling embryonic development. Nature Communications 10 , Willing , Shyam S. News and Comment News and Views 19 September CRISPR genome editing in stem cells turns to gold Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells have been engineered using gold nanoformulations conjugated with CRISPR capable of targeting two distinct genomic loci of therapeutic interest, with potential engraftment in humanized mouse models.

Nature Materials 18 , Lab Animal 48 , Research Highlights 16 September Clonal haematopoiesis, aortic stenosis and reduced survival after TAVI A new study shows that clonal haematopoiesis of indeterminate potential CHIP -driver mutations in DNMT3A or TET2 are associated with increased medium-term mortality in patients with severe aortic stenosis undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

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Nature Reviews Cardiology , 1. News and Views 12 September Too much can be as bad as too little Transcription-factor paralogs are not equivalent and serve distinct roles in immune cells. Nature Immunology 20 , Nature Research menu.

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UiB Studies. Years 2 years ECTS credits Introduction What you Learn How to Apply.

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Introduction Objectives and content The specialization in Developmental Biology and Physiology investigates the formation and function of organisms. Most of the projects will related to salmon, cod, halibut, zebrafish and tunicates. What you Learn Learning Outcomes The specialization in Developmental Biology and Physiology focuses on how living animal are formed and function, and how they are adapted to their environment - at the molecular, cellular, organ and individual level.

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Knowledge Understanding of chemical and molecular processes that take place within and between cells and tissues. The understanding shall be sufficient for you to describe and explain both the processes and their impact on properties , development and evolution of living organisms.

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Ability to select, develop and apply appropriate methods and experimental design to extend our biological knowledge. Knowledge of how developmental modules and signaling pathways have an important impact on evolutionary adaptation to the environment and the formation of new species. Skills After completing the master's degree you will: Be able to work independently and creatively in the laboratory. Be familiar with relevant research questions in developmental biology and physiology, and be able to put forward hypotheses and choose, adapt and perform molecular, cellular and physiological experiments to test these hypotheses.

What is developmental biology and why is it important?

Be able to find and read relevant scientific articles and acquire a critical understanding of these understand relevant methodology. Be able to retrieve, analyze and apply new knowledge within the field Be able to analyze, interpret and discuss their own data in an academic and critical manner, in light of data and theories in the field. Be able to communicate scientific topics and research results orally and in writing both for specialists and popular science audiences. Be able to manage and present quantitative data, discuss the precision and accuracy and to use the basic statistical principles General competence You should be able to analyze key scientific issues in developmental biology and physiology in relation to your own and others' work and community needs.

The candidates should be very familiar with the subject's working methods and have obtained training in working independently, and as part of a team, with challenging tasks within the field.