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Contact Us Call us at. Contact Us E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback. Home Products. Monetize data and develop new business models. SAP Data Network, live customer cloud Extract maximum value from your transactional data with our turnkey, cloud-based service for data-driven innovation. Cloud deployment Harvest corporate data to reach customers in new ways Extract insights from data to make better decisions Embed predictive modeling into business processes.

What is a Data Network – Definition and Uses

Watch the overview video. Key Benefits. Previous Next. Key Capabilities. Previous Next Data discovery services Determine how rich and complete a data set is and whether the solution needs to impute data to increase coverage Understand the content, depth, and breadth of the data and what it represents Evaluate the quality of the data and identify measures to improve quality.

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Data platform services Perform closed-loop data integration — from ingestion of your data to insight-to-action and back into your enterprise applications and processes Enable automated, systematic, and dynamic ingestion of all data types from any source Create and manage your API environment for ingestion and consumption. Data processing services Put data into context, find patterns, answer business questions, and discover unknowns Detect, correct, or remove corrupt or inaccurate records from the data, and remove redundant data Map data to a higher power of a taxonomy that is widely accepted, independent, and considered gold standard.

Data enrichment services Hydrate enterprise data with geospatial data and weather and climate data Combine enterprise data with movement data for better insights into traffic people and goods Enrich enterprise data with macroeconomics, demographics, and sentiment information. Data science services Jump-start projects with prebuilt machine learning models that use industry data and relevant third-party data Predict future events and get recommended actions based on those predictions with data monetization Build data models, machine learning models, and algorithms for business use cases.

Accurate Data Networks offers a complete suite of network solutions, focusing on small and midsize companies. From design and installation to security and total support, our engineers have two decades of experience to give you the service you need. There are enormously powerful cloud applications for your growing business. Every business is unique, and we promise to utilize our decades of experience to give you a detailed perspective of the cloud services available to help your business thrive. Anybody can claim they can save your data, but not everyone can do it.

We have the right team and environment for comprehensive data recovery services you can trust. We are now are expanding to best meet the growing demands for our data recovery services. Network Services Experts are standing by. Call us at: Their support includes long distance communication DXing , the introduction and promotion of amateur radio in developing nations and encouraging youth participation in amateur radio.

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CallforCode five global finalists announced. Vote for your favorite opensource tech solutions for natural disaster response and recovery. Simply shop at smile. This fascinating discussion focuses on questions and ideas that will interest software developers and participants in the Call for Code Challenge.


We plan to use these enhancements in future AREDN releases as the mobile adhoc mesh routing protocols evolve. Make sure to buy a ticket for zone 3.


The event itself is free of charge and open for all! Battlemesh brings people together from around the globe who are interested in wireless mesh networks, community networks and DIY Internet access providers.

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