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The feeling in the air was electric when American troops reached Berchtesgaden, Germany in early May As the paratroopers of Easy Company, th P. Peace will take some getting used to.

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The sound of gunfire has been replaced by the pop of champagne bottles and the pilots can now soar without looking over their shoulders. Victory is here—finally. And the party has just begun. Only numbered prints , signed by artist John D.

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Winters celebrating VE-Day in Berchtesgaden. All prints are sold unframed. Dad became an ace 4 MEs, and 2 Macchi s , finished his 50 missions, and then was reassigned back to the States before the P replaced the P I hope you have seen the films, Zack!! Hi Tom, I m from Lesina and I m also a Navy Pilot I be got my goldwings in Pensacola … I appreciate your initiative and I d like to know what are you going to do an when so I will be there… It would have been a honor flying with that plane in that time! Go Navy! We, the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family members and friends of the Legendary Checkertails, are enormously grateful to Tom Ricci, his family and the town of Lesina for this tremendous honor they are planning for the Checkertails.

We invite anyone who is interested to join our Facebook page at th Fighter Group Checkertails. There are over wartime photos posted over the last several years on this FB page. We likewise have a website that contains links to the outstanding and highly acclaimed 2-part Checkertails documentary by Neil Pugh — free viewing and free DVD download forever.

Neil is now gathering material for Part 3 and I am pretty sure that he plans to film the Lesina Dedication as part of it.

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We are in contact with some 75 living Checkertail veterans and every day more of them and their family members find us on the Internet and join with us to share stories and photos of our Checkertails. Thank you so much for posting this story in Warbird News. BTW, Jack Evans was the father of the President of our non-profit Checkertails Organization Kathy Cluff who has done SO much to keep the Checkertails flying and to promote and preserve the history of their outstanding wartime service! Thank so much!

Checkertails: The 325th Fighter Group in the Second World War

Art took hundreds and hundreds of photos of Lesina, many of which Neil Pugh used in his documentary. Art communicates regularly on our FB page. I would love to share all of this with you if you will email me! My bird is 35 not However 25 has a great background: In the Ps, Capt Walker flew it and was an ace.

In the Ps, Emmons flew it and also was an ace. He also initially flew the P by that number but Gaia took it over when he left. Thanks Art. He mentioned Jerry Edwards often. George died in January, , at age plus 7 months. He passed away two years ago in Virginia where he was from….

Did anyone know him? HI James, please write to me at: thomasricci rogers. Thakn you. My Dad, Warren Knox was in the th, I wish he was around to see this. Hi, I am intrested in the checkertails, and have been trying to trace a pilot Ralph Johnson of the fg. Can any one help.

Thanks kevin. Hi my name is Ralph Selway. I was named after Ralph Johnson who was my Father best friend. As I heard it Major Johnson my middle name is Major was credited with the first shoot down of the German jet fighter plane of the war. Supposedly Major Johnson was in a P- 51 when he did this. I think he was also the squadron leader. I heard he was killed in a raid one night while running to his plane to take off. Dad made the Air Force his career and retired a Lt.

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Hi Ralph could you contact me at: thomasricci rogers. Hi Kevin could you contact me at: thomasricci rogers. Major General Tom Benes retired from the U. Marine Corps in , after 35 years of honorable service. Tom Benes passed away September 30, Photos, actual newspapers and a Lockheed P scale model are displayed. Also included is a photo of Major Bong's wife, Marge, and replicas of the medals Bong was awarded.

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  7. th Fighter Group Memorial planned for Lesina, Italy..
  8. Paul was later assigned to the 15th Air Force in Italy. While assigned to the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron in Korea, he flew combat missions in Lockheed F jet fighter aircraft. He continued to be active in various aviation organizations and was one of the charter members of the Friends of the Mitchell Gallery of Flight. Paul Dowd passed away April 4, This exhibit is dedicated to his memory.

    Robert H. Army Air Force. He entered military service on February 25, at Fort Sheridan, Illinois and completed his basic training at Camp Crowder, Missouri. Sergeant Tyborski served overseas as a DF Direction Finder Operator, assisting battle-damaged aircraft return to their home bases by use of special radio homing equipment. Following the invasion of North Africa, he performed his DF duties from a radio van located atop the highest mountain in an area near Oran, Algeria.

    325th Fighter Group "Checkertail Clan"

    He was later relocated to Italy, serving in the area near Rome. Robert Tyborski was honorably discharged from the U. Army Air Force on September 12, Lindbergh visited the Milwaukee airport in August , the same year of his historic non-stop flight across the Atlantic. The display accompanies a Spirit of St. Louis model, hanging just outside the entrance to the Gallery. This exhibit includes a woven Lindbergh tapestry, photos and information on Lindbergh's visit to Milwaukee. Captain Lovell grew up in Milwaukee and went on to become an Astronaut in the Gemini and Apollo programs.

    The Gallery exhibits its Lovell artifacts in the adjacent Lovell Conference Room and in a public display case. Also displayed outside the conference room are a Wisconsin state flag carried around the moon on Apollo 8, a crew flashlight used on Apollo 8, a flight checklist from Apollo 13, and Gemini and Apollo spacecraft models.