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Innovations, whether in farming, composite science, or computing, are a product of human creativity. The first seven chapters are a prelude to the final chapter, which tackles industrial ecology.

Chapter One

There is no grandstanding, just readable language and a simple awe at human creativity and the uses to which it can be put. For popular science collections.? Michael D. Cramer, North Carolina Dept. Forget the notion that technology improves upon nature.

These engineers are devising solar fuel cells as efficient as plants, fibers as tough as abalone shell, and computers as sophisticated as the brain. For Benyus, though, a technology that mirrors nature does more than enlarge human powers and gratify human ambitions. Such a technology teaches us how to live in harmony with nature, rather than how to dominate it.

Unless we learn this urgent lesson, Benyus warns, our highly unnatural and exploitative technologies will soon render the earth unfit for life.

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Sobering yet hopeful, this book will bring help bridge the dangerous chasm between technophiles and environmentalists. The colors of Benyus, a splendid Stevensville, Mont. Is your company or organization looking to move beyond doing less bad and creating benchmarks that measure and give credit! Take our 3 minute assessment to determine immediate action items to move toward positive impact. About the Author Janine M. Editorial Reviews From Library Journal Innovations, whether in farming, composite science, or computing, are a product of human creativity.

Innovate How does nature solve your challenge? Professional training, tools, and resources to learn the practice. Her company, The Biomimicry Group, encourages biologists at the design table to ask: how would nature design this? She says our human society will create a more sustainable world in part by emulating the natural organisms all around us, which have already gone through billions of years of trial and error to find elegant and amazing solutions to process and design problems. Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature.

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Biomimicry has been going on for a long time. Think about the Wright brothers looking at turkey vultures to learn about drag and lift in flight. Now biomimicry is becoming one of the ways that engineers, product designers, and architects do their work.

Organisms know how to do these things. After 3. For instance, take a peacock feather. If we were to make it, we would use chemicals and pigments. But actually, the only pigment is brown. When light reflects back to us through the layers, it creates the color blue or green or gold to your eye.

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It needs no backlighting, because it uses layers and the ambient light to create the different color pixels to your eye. If you think of things like leaves, that need to stay clean. How do they keep the dust off of them? The famous example is the lotus leaf. The way it keeps itself clean is it has bumps on its surface. When rainwater comes, it balls up. Dirt particles teeter on those bumps. The rainwater balls them away, pearls them away.

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The dry paint has that bumpy structure. And rainwater cleans the building, instead of sandblasting or detergents. In biomimicry, we bring in biologists to the design table. And when a company is trying to develop, for example, a new way to package, we ask, how does nature contains liquids? How does nature repel water? How does nature filter? How does nature resist impacts?

We look through the biological literature. Very often they look at them say, wow,this is an amazingly simple and beautiful way to solve this problem.

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