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In terms of fresh produce, there are few things as sacrilegious to most Middle Easterners than eating those bulky, tasteless, American slicing cucumbers. Leslee Komaiko , Sept. More than a few times, Mitch and Max Dorf have been out and about together when they are approached by a stranger who says something Acknowledging a growing rift among Jews and the increasing challenges presented by a shifting of Jewish identities, a group of 30 Jewish scholars, rabbis and Melissa Simon , Sept.

The program will Erin Ben-Moche , Sept. Barely two years after its founding, the progressive Jewish feminist movement Zioness has expanded its reach and has big plans in the works. Gerri Miller , Sept. Shawn Rodgers , Sept. Jewish rock music is a relatively new concept among American Jews but has found its way into traditional services as a way to connect people Steven Mirkin , Sept. But for It seems like smooth sailing ahead for Mika Sternberg.

Not only has the year-old Israeli sailing champion racked up competition victories in her homeland, she Kylie Ora Lobell , Sept. Highland Park is filled with historic buildings, hilly roads, vintage clothing stores, art galleries and vegan eateries.

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Also tucked away in this Eastside enclave — Lisa Silverman , Sept. New books for fall include a number of picture books about the holidays, but also other Jewish-themed books for kids that should get some attention Sign Up. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Search for: Search for:. Screenshot from Vimeo. Our Rabbis teach that with every beginning, there is an ending….

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And that with every ending, there is a beginning. We exist in an incredible cycle. This hit close to home in the past week. I had taken a time-lapse video of the sunrise in Los Angeles. Then, when I was in Israel, I captured a time-lapse of the sun set. I realized — somewhere in the world, at any given moment in time , the sun is rising.

And at that same moment in time , the sun is setting somewhere else. It really puts life into perspective. Sometimes we need to step outside of our zone to harness the pulse of the universe — and to measure our purpose each day. JJ Latest Stories.

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'A Moment in the Sun' review: John Sayles portrays an epic saga about 20th century America

Episode — Playing With Your Food. Rabbi Tzvi Freeman: What is Chassidus? JJ Bloggers. Like, literally buy it.

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